Someone is looking for your magazine

So you have an idea for a magazine and you’ve been thinking about it for years, mulling over the pros and cons. Sure, there are lots of cons these days with a struggling economy, news about the demise of well-known magazines, and maybe print is on it’s way out, anyway. Is anyone interested in magazines these days? Is anyone looking for the kind of magazine you’ve been dreaming about? The answer is: Maybe so!

A look at Google’s keyword tool is instructive. Over the last 12 months, the average monthly number of searches for Christian magazines for women totals 8,720. How many people are searching each month for Christian magazines for kids? 6,066. How about Christian magazines in Malayalam, a language spoken by nearly 30 million people in Kerala, a state in south India? I was surprised to find that there were a monthly average of 1,070 searches for Christian magazines in Malayalam.

For the generic term “Christian magazine” there were 40,500 average monthly searches. A lot of people are looking for Christian magazines and maybe some of them—or even a lot of them—are looking for the magazine you’ve been dreaming about. Check it out. Maybe it’s time to get to work on that new magazine.

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